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Monthly Archives: July 2018

5 Reasons that will make you want red walls

Painting your walls white is always safe. However, white for a very long times means you really need to experiment. What’s better then a red paint to spice up your house. Let’s take you through the shades of red. Crimson at it’s best A California

Brighten Up Your Home with 2018 Color Trends

Are you looking to update your room/flat/house/office this season? If you’re not sure where to start, we are just revealing the biggest interior design trends of 2018. The hottest hues on the horizon are basically your style guide for filling up your space with new

Matching sofas to your living room

The ever changing trends will make you want matching sofas to your living rooms. Wooden with white Create a space that will welcome to you spend more time with your friends and family by opting for 2 sink into sofas with a wooden coffee table

Most common mistakes while decorating your homes

Envision a single room The most common mistake made by maximum people while designing their first home is visualizing only one room at a time. This breaks the flow of your home resulting in each room looking very different from the other. Always picture the

10 Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

A good interior design is the one that results in a practical and comfortable interior that reflects the personality and lifestyle of an individual. Always make a great impression with a stylish entryway. Install an entryway organizer to keep it tidy and presentable. Create a

How to make a big statement in small bedrooms

It is a myth that small bedrooms leave little space for great decor. If you are a vivacious personality restrained by the walls of a small bedroom, here are some tips just for you! You can accent a wall with a modern grand-sized mural. It