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6 ways to brighten your kitchen

Passionate about colours? It’s time to get your kitchen colourful and bright. We know and understand colours can play a lot with your mood and hence with your life. We will show you 6 different ways to brighten by your kitchen as well as dining area.

1. Modern Eclectic

Dining in a dull place gets boring at times. Why don’t you try messing with colours and make your kitchen as well as dining area. You can have your regular furniture, just make it colourful by adding colourful frames, curtains, dining mats or you could simply paint your kitchen cabinets with your favourite colour.

2. Vintage advantage

You can simply have a world map in your kitchen. It will not only help you learn the countries of the world as it will be right in front of your eyes all the time but also give your kitchen a vintage look.
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3. Pink Look

Do think pink is a girly colour? Trust me, it’s not! Experiment with shades of pink to get a bright yet a subtle kitchen in which you will enjoy cooking your favourite food.

4. Red and white

Red and white creates a bold atmosphere but still not into your face. You can add one more colour or may be wooden texture to achieve a bold statement.

5. Chessboard

You can play around with a black and white chessboard floor as well as the below half of the wall. It will be a brownie point if you love chess, you will never get bored of spending hours in your kitchen.
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6. Pestle Shades

Decorate your dining area with pestle shades. It will give you a cooling effect in the scorching heat. Pestle shades are always soothing to the eye making you love the space your sitting in.
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In this way, you can play around with colours and decorate your kitchen in a manner you will want to spend maximum time in it. You will never get tired of spending quality time with your loved ones in this kind of space.

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