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9 Ways To Easy Decor

Nowadays, the modern society seems to be more focused on “simplicity”, sacrificing the unconventional and outrageous décor that people would often use for parties. It’s vital to stay relaxed during your party, but also important to create a certain vibe that’ll make your party a happening one

This type of vibe can be created through some fun and creative decoration that I can suggest you with.

Be party ready with these 9 easy décor ideas that’ll hardly take much of your time.

  1. Lights

Lighting is the most significant tool for creating a mood or vibe in the area. Every type of lighting has its own effect, and there are various ways to set up lights in the room or outdoor as well. One easy way to use Lights as a decoration is by using any of your homemade Mason jars and inserting the yellow fairy lights in it, which would hence give an amusing “Firefly” effect.

Another simple way to decorate your house with Lights is by using a plain coloured Chinese lantern, you can use any that you already have or purchase one. The lanterns are usually cost-effective and not expensive at all. There are many ways to decorate the lanterns, but one of them is by applying wet glue (Fevicol) all over the outer surface area, and then sprinkle glitter powder on it, covering the whole surface. Once your lantern is dry, tap off the excess glitter and add a thin layer of wet glue above the glitter using a paint brush and gently dabbing it, this will make the glitter firm and keep it intact. There goes your easy, self-made Disco Ball.

  1. Bouquet with DIY vase

For a classy lunch or dinner party, a flush and bloomed bouquet of flowers is unmissable. Flowers create a fresh and vivacious mood in the vicinity. A bouquet can just be bought from the neighbourhood flower store or from your garden but there are different tricks on how you can enhance the look of it and make it a fancy décor for the party. Look for any used bottles, preferably Beer bottles, and take off the stickers and clear the surface area.  Now comes the fun part, it’s the part where you use your artistic skills and just paint the bottle with any design that comes in your mind. You could be uniform with the colour usage or just go all out and make it colourful.

  1. Printable Party cup label

This is the easiest tip of the lot. It’s as simple as it looks, all you need to do is purchases some fancy coloured paper cups, or you can use any fancy ones that you have already. Print funky shaped labels, with wordings on it. Now here as you can see it’s written “this drink belongs to”, but you could also print other wordings like funny one liners, or hashtags etc. that go with the theme of the party.

  1. Decorative Foil Curtain/Cloth

Be it a birthday or any other party occasion, you can depend on a little glitter to bring glam to your celebration. Go full out and get a bright and shiny curtain or cloth that will cover a part of your room and make it look electric and exciting. This can also act as a great background for your pictures so don’t hesitate to turn it into a photo booth, they’re always a good idea!

  1. Sign boards

Signboards are a very easy way to let your guests know their way around the party, especially when the number of people you’re hosting is big. There might be a few people asking their way to the washroom to which this might come handy.

You can use black boards and colourful chalk to mark these areas or you can come up with your own quirky ideas and ways to put the sign boards up but make sure you point these out to your friends before they get woozy.

  1. Cushion Covers

The vibe of a room can be enhanced by using throw pillows and cushions in the seating area. Using vibrant and colourful cushions help boost the look and feel of the party. For a cool and easy going vibe you can go for tribal print or attractive patterns or even something with a quirky slogan.

  1. Multiple Seating

No one ever sits in one place at a party so it’s always better to spread your seating all over the area. One way of dealing with this and making the place look organised and thought out at the same time is using multiple sofas and even bean bags for a more casual take on it. For better visual appeal use colours and patterns that complement your décor.

  1. Carpets

Let your guests step foot on something in vogue. A simple fashionable and stylish carpet in a room, can make it look like every day is a party. Carpets with embossing or fur and celebratory colours like red and gold, will add a highlight toyour room. Own a carpet that makes up for your masterpiece.

  1. Coasters

Coasters, are usually not the first item that comes to your mind when you think of decoration, nevertheless, the idea of decorating your coasters is a unique one. This simple and easy knack of designing your coasters is a fresh way of making your table presentable. If you’re craving something a bit more customized, consider getting a little crafty.

Take a bowl of water, add drops of Nail polish in different spots and feel free to use alternate colours (here blue, pink, white, gold). Once you’ve added all the polishes, take a toothpick and make swirls. Now take your coaster and dip the part where you need the design in the bowl, once removed you will find the design to be transferred to the coaster. Furthermore, to keep the design intact, paint the coaster with transparent nail polish and leave it to dry.

From Desserts to décor, the galaxy trend is taking over, hence, this would be a great space inspired marble coaster to get your party trending.

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