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Make a Rented House your Home

Today, many people prefer renting a house in this fast growing world where moving is the latest trend. Renting a house makes it easier, especially for people who get job transfers and need to move every now and then. But, what they face often is landlords that are very particular about their walls where even drilling screw is prohibited. So, you get the cheapest furniture and interiors possible. However, many of us like our rented houses, HOMES! For those kind of people, here are a few tips:

  1. Invest in the right furniture and accessories

    Avoid purchasing any kind of wall hanging as we understand the struggle. We recommend buying accessories that you can place in the room without even touching the wall. You can opt for furniture with storage as it avoids making your room look congested.

  2. Cosy up your bathroom

    Don’t just have a bathroom but own it. Enhance your regular bathroom with little fun things like a show piece or small baskets to hide all your stuff. You can also get pretty looking soft floor mats for you to step on after a shower.

  3. Get new curtains

    Invest in new curtains as it gives your house a look you will love. The right curtains enhance the room and will make you fall in love with it.

  4. Keep the seating in the middle

    Generally, we all place our seating against the wall thinking that it gives you more space. However, that’s a myth. Try placing your seating away from the wall and you will see the difference yourself. It will make your room look bigger than before.

  5. Play around with Mirrors

    Don’t underestimate the power of mirrors. Transform your old house into a new, stylish home with different shapes and sizes of mirrors placed around the house.

Turn your house into a home of your choice and be the owner of it, today. Experiment in your home without breaking the landlord’s ruler while you play around with the interiors.

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