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Creatives and decorative ways hanging your keys

Front doors are always the main entry and exit way which needs to have all the essentials one needs before stepping out. One of the main essential is “KEYS” which you tend to forget in hurry.

Let’s discuss a few ways that will always remind you to carry your keys:

1. Modern key box Having a key box placed just before you open the door is the best reminder for you to take your house as well as car or bike keys with you. It will save you the effort of coming back to get your keys or being stuck out.

2. Wall hanging Having a wall hanging of your favourite animal or bird is the best way to display your keys in front of you. You will always look at the hanging as it is your favourite which will make you take your keys along every time.

3. Wooden look If you have a wooden wallpaper or a wooden texture and want a different look, you should try having hooks with screws give you an antique look. The wooden look is a rare yet unique way of displaying your keys that will go with the interiors of your house and make you want to hang your keys there.

4. Magnetic board A magnetic board placed at the entrance will not only help you find your keys but also assist you with quick updates about your family. You can always leave a note your family to update about something important and they will view it right when they walk in.

5. Plants can hold the keys Plants at home is the best thing as it freshens up your house. What better than using it as a key holder at the same time. Here’s an interesting way of having both together in a single place.

We are sure by these simple ways you will never forget your keys and get all the essentials you need before stepping out of your home! Besides, it will also beautify your house and match the interiors.

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