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10 Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

A good interior design is the one that results in a practical and comfortable interior that reflects the personality and lifestyle of an individual.

1. Always make a great impression with a stylish entryway. Install an entryway organizer to

keep it tidy and presentable. Create a dramatic focal point by showcasing a stunning pendant lamp or a piece of art in your hallway. You can add warmth by using white or cream console lamps.

2. If you want to save on space then try incorporating wall beds, drawers in the walls, under-

the-counter swivel-out kitchen tools and folding doors.

3. You can opt for a cozy window seat. It can be a storage bench or a sofa. Revamp it by using colorful patterned pillows. If you have an open balcony, you could add a cute swing and a neutral bench next to it. Use lamps, lanterns or fairy lights to create a magical vibe.

4. Use unusual and unique lights to get an aesthetic impact. For example, simple fairy lights can be used to create a canvas for Polaroid photos.

5. Having identical chairs around your dining table has become old-fashioned. Combining

different chairs into the same design and making sure that they work well together is the new

trend. For example, they can be of the same color or have a similar design.

6. Plants bring life to the most boring home designs. You can place them in separate corners or group them together on one shelf. Colorful flower vases and baskets can also be used. 

7. You can paint a wall in an unusual color or invest in a mural to give an authentic effect. You can also decorate it with wooden panels.

8. You can invest in a magnificent artwork or on a genuine or antique piece of furniture placing it in such a way that it creates a focal point.

9. Functionality and practicality are the basic requirements of a bathroom. For those who are

restricted by tiny bathrooms, try creating intelligent storage spaces inside the washroom ensuring that you do not use too much floor space for storage units.

10. Finally, if you love to dress up but do not have the luxury of a large space to dedicate to a

walk-in closet, consider going for a classy ,high-end yet glamorous closet that looks like a

boutique. It gives you a feel of a custom closet.

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