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How to get a celebrity look for your home

We always admire our favourite celebrities house and their interiors. How about getting your house designed on the similar lines within your budget, ever thought about it?

Let me let you how you can do it in few easy points:

1. Flexibility is the key essential We all have a certain vision for your dream home but many a times it doesn’t fit in our budget. Hence, you need to be very flexible in order to tweak your vision to fit it.

2. Try out different materials Generally, we directly paint our house without exploring different materials and textures. We are of the perception that wallpapers are highly expensive and getting them installed is even more costlier. However, that’s not true, I have designed many houses using wallpapers with a wooden, stone or metallic look that goes really well with the interiors of the house.

3. Concentrate even on the tiny details Furniture and finishes doesn’t complete the room, the tiny details like art, decorative objects, bookshelf, carpet make the room complete. You need to pay attention to fine details to achieve the celebrity look.

4. Identify spends that will be worth it

There are few sections of your home which are worth the spend, these sections need to be sorted out first only as they had value if treated well. For example, drapes and rugs will be with you forever giving you a luxurious look.

5. Pick the right store It is very important to purchase your home related items from the best store to ensure you get the beautiful yet budget-friendly items giving you the royal feeling at a minimum price.

6. Stick to your gut A lot of times, we pick too many reference images and get confused in what should we go with. At such times, you have to reason as to why you have picked this. You should go with your gut feeling in times of confusion.

With these few basic tips and tricks you can achieve your desired celebrity home look within your budget.

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