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How to make a big statement in small bedrooms

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

It is a myth that small bedrooms leave little space for great decor.

If you are a vivacious personality restrained by the walls of a small

bedroom, here are some tips just for you!

1) You can accent a wall with a modern grand-sized mural. It gives a

dramatic statement and makes your tiny bedroom look big.

2) You can invest in a dynamic piece of art and hang it strategically

creating a focal point. Also, do not hesitate to use a pair of huge

mirrors. It may be embedded in the dressing table or hung on any

of the walls in your bedroom.

3) The room always feels incomplete without a beautiful window.

Natural light is always considered to be a valuable asset as it

enhances the room so effortlessly.

4) One may also incorporate a bookshelf or it could be replaced by

classic hardwood planks on the walls. You can opt for lamps or

chandeliers consisting of patterns similar to that of the colors on

the walls.

Go ahead and begin decorating your tiny and cozy bedroom!

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