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Matching sofas to your living room

These ever changing trends will make you want matching sofas to your living rooms.

1. Wooden with white Create a space that will welcome to you spend more time with your friends and family by opting for 2 sink into sofas with a wooden coffee table between them. It will call for long evening chats or quiet book reading afternoons.

2. Sapphire blue with a velvety texture If you are looking for a simple yet minimal styling, nothing could be better than sapphire blue velvet couches. The two placed on opposite sides of the room will do the trick.

3. Just white While we enjoy playing with colours mostly, an all-white interior stands out in the crowd. "Even when you see a white space without knowing the era it was designed, it will still look relevant and modern. Because white is universal. It's forever." You can choose a texture, anything from wood, brick, tile, molding, marble, furs, cotton, silk, wool to make it beautiful.

4. Try a grey Grey sofas have been inspired by Beverly Hills Hotel where the living room can be busy with green flooring and fabric designs. Grey couches balance out the room and act like anchors.

5. Bold blue Bold blue act as a standalone middle piece in a living room. Having a bold blue sofa makes the room pop with colour and a different personality.

6. Rusty Red Ever felt your living room looked like a barn? Add rusty red couches in and watch how it compliments your living room making it very homely at the same time. It gives an aesthetic feel to your home.

7. Tan woolen texture

Tan woolen coaches give you a 50s-meets-modern feel. Having it in a busy living room with stacks of books and houseplants is a perfect combination.

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