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Most common mistakes while decorating your homes

1. Envision a single room

- The most common mistake made by maximum people while designing their first home

is visualizing only one room at a time. This breaks the flow of your home resulting in

each room looking very different from the other.

- Always picture the whole house while thinking of the interiors to ensure the house looks

like a unit without fragments.

2. Rushing the decor

- While purchasing your house décor be patient and calm. Don’t purchase the entire

decor you like without thinking about the placement.

- Take time and pick the decor that will go with your interiors.

3. Directly finalizing the color paint

- Generally, when you like a paint color, you finalize it without testing it. Always make it a

point to test the color on priority basis as the color may differ or not suit your taste.

- Take a week to ensure the test paint dries up properly and then take a call on the


4. Placing all the furniture against the wall

- Most likely you will push the furniture against the wall thinking you will have more

space in the center.

- However, that is not true. Instead, focus on various furniture placements which will give

your home a variety space.

5. Shopping at a single store

- When you like the aesthetic of a store, you purchase most of your furniture from it.

- Have a mix of stores to achieve the desired look and not what the store is selling.

6. Being inspired by someone else’s choice

- Many a times you make a decision based on your friend’s choice and later realize you

could have done it your way.

- Instead, consider your home’s lighting, hard finishes before making or purchasing items

for your home.

7. Shopping for your desired space

- Purchasing items for the space you desire having will not be suitable for the space you


- Always purchase items keeping in mind your home space, it will make the placement

easier rather than over-crowding it.

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