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In starting to rewrite this book let us tell you that being a designer and running a firm are two very separate things and she has managed to ace it well till now. But it’s also important to understand where she started from. Hence, the story of a young girl from chembur who evolved into a Designer and a fine Business Woman. For a little back story, as a young girl she always wanted to be independent. She didn’t like listening to anyone tell her what she is supposed to do. Just did what she thought was right. To say the least, she was very stubborn. But in her defense as she says “I believed that I was a good girl, good enough for Santa.” 

She didn’t come from a designer family, so she had to pave her path. When she started off, she was working and studying at the same time. She was handling a Residential project of 6500 sqft plus, all alone before she had even studied for the Interior Designing. She was 16, and confused. All she had was practical knowledge from interning a few shifts at construction sites. How she landed this project? She alone knows!

What she had was a lot, and I repeat A LOT of passion and hard work.  She would work from 9am – 3pm and attend her Bachelors of Science, in interiors from 3pm – 9pm. Though I don’t think she has been complaining.  Though she might have been at that time, more than a several times but it slowly did fall into place and the outcome was a beautiful, beautiful bungalow with a lot of new designs and memories and a brand new abode from scratch for a very happy client.


Like everybody else in the business she was ambitious and had a desire to do some great work. But of course everything doesn’t come easy, and getting more luxurious projects for a new comer in this industry was a very tough job. So she decided to take up whatever comes her way. Started from a 2BHK, studio flat or even a single bathroom and slowly after 3 years, what she had were around 20 small projects completed. Yes, the budgets were extremely low and nobody around her was easy to handle, but you had to start somewhere. After the end of 3 years there were SO many small projects flowing in and Aesthetica was just setting to flow.


2018 as she put it there were a lot of major changes. To put it very clichéd, her entire life changed for the better. She along with her team completed a pent house in Bandra, Mumbai of 3000 sqft in 4 months from Scratch. And the magnificent pent house was filled with the most exclusive materials and designs of the recent times.

It was such an accomplishment for the firm, the project gained utmost media attention and there was no stopping her after that day. After 2018 I happily started straddling between all kinds of interior projects. However, it was easy for her to not take high end projects and move back to her comfort zone which was the budgeted houses.


She had decided that she wanted to build a system for her firm which gives all the people working under her the courage and the confidence to work and gain the trusts of our clients equally. I wanted to make sure no matter the number of projects they have, they will be giving each client the attention and the love that project deserves. She built a team with interior designers, execution managers, architects, site supervisors and the list goes on. All under one roof so she could keep a tab of it all. She build this company from scratch, every little piece She had of it was her own and She wasn’t willing on letting anything go away to the wrong hands..

 From now on, if she was going to be a one of a kind company in the interior design market, she was going to be the shiniest and the most damn unique one around. She had no idea if She could pull off that sort of attitude or not, but She was sure as hell going to try.

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