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Once my studio opened, I realized the kind of work I wanted to do and the kind of people I wanted to be around. When I talk about the kind of clients I want, it's not just about their project budget. It's about the people and the connection. I realized we need to choose the right clients. Work shouldn't be stressful; it should be enjoyable for both the client and our company. The vibe has to match.

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In starting to rewrite this book let us tell you that being a designer and running a firm are two very separate things and I have managed to ace it well till now.  it’s also important to understand where I started from. This company has been around for a decade, I’m  26 years old. I got started really early, like when I was just 16. Back then, I began working on small projects to avoid going to college.

So, I decided to dive into work to avoid college. At first, it felt like a stunt, but within ten days of working, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Once I turned 18, I realized that things weren't as easy as they seemed. It was really, really tough, but I stuck with it...

I started in design without a family background. At 16, I handled a large project with only practical knowledge. Balancing work and studying, I completed a beautiful bungalow. I took on various projects, including small apartments and bathrooms, gradually massing 20 projects in three years. While budgets were tight, Aesthetica began to grow.

After eight years of hard work, I saved enough money to make a dream come true. I got myself a beautiful studio. It was a huge space, very luxurious, and I build my dream cabin. Before that, I didn't even have a cabin. My cabin reflects my personality, it's not boring, it's vibrant with a touch of beautiful pink because I'm proud of my feminine energy. I'm not all about being tough; I have a soft side too.

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After eight years of struggle, I reached a point where I could choose our projects. I decided to take on very specific projects for our company's betterment. As a leader, these were some of the steps I took. But it wasn't just about clients; it was also about respecting my work, my team, and my firm. And above all, respecting myself. Respect goes both ways - you have to decide the level of respect you want and deserve. Only then will people around you and those working with you give you the same. It's not about arrogance or overconfidence; it's about striking the right balance. That's when everyone around you will respect you.

In the past three years, we've been focused on luxury projects. We enjoy creating triplexes, duplexes, and providing personalized solutions for every client. We're also expanding into high-end fashion boutiques and restaurants. We get very personal with our clients. We delve into their lifestyles, understand their needs, and customize every detail of the interiors. We become close to our clients during the seven to eight months we work with them, but we never disclose any client information because confidentiality matters a lot.

I have a fantastic team, and I love how smart and self-assured the younger generation is. We have an open and honest work culture. They don't need to lie if they need time off, and they're open about their mistakes. I believe in shared success. The project leaders get media recognition, and I constantly remind my team that as the company grows, they grow with it. I'm not interested in growing alone; it's about building a bigger and better team. I started with one person under me, and now I lead a team of 25 people, and I'm excited to keep building it further. It became clear that being a leader meant more than just business. I always wanted our workplace to be vibrant. We have a happening office environment, with music, casual wear on Saturdays, and a reasonable 10:30 to 6:30 work schedule. We value work-life balance.



I was determined to create a system in my firm that empowered my team to earn the trust of our clients. I built a diverse team, including interior designers, execution managers, architects, and site supervisors under one roof. I started this company from scratch and refused to let it go into the wrong hands.

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I tied the knot this year, and I'm incredibly thankful for having found a life partner I deeply care about. However, I want to emphasize a fundamental truth: marriage doesn't redefine who I am or alter my fiercely independent lifestyle. It's quite intriguing how, post-marriage, people become remarkably inquisitive about your life. They tend to impose changes on you, assuming that everything must be different now that you're married.

Marriage, no doubt, brings additional emotional responsibilities. Nevertheless, it shouldn't necessitate a transformation in my identity or the way I live my life. I remain an incredibly independent woman, and, quite frankly, I'm more self-reliant than many men in my vicinity. This isn't a statement of arrogance; it's a simple fact. When you meet me in person, you'll find a down-to-earth individual leading an uncomplicated life surrounded by a close-knit group of friends.

There's a prevailing societal notion that a woman's life takes a complete U-turn after marriage. While it's true that marriage brings emotional shifts and novel responsibilities, why should my work or opinions undergo a radical overhaul? It took time, resilience, and numerous assertive "no"s to stand up for what I believe. I am still dedicated to my work, and I proudly stand as the principal earner in my family.

It's imperative to stress this message and constantly repeat it to the people around you. Marriage should never dictate or undermine your personal choices or your independent lifestyle. In my journey, I was lucky to have the unwavering support of several men, especially my father, who guided me at every juncture. My father bequeathed me the wings to fly, and my husband continues to be the ever-reliable wind beneath those wings.

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As we usher in 2024, this marks the fourth edition of our book. I remain confident that the future holds more riveting stories to share with you. We're not just looking for more substantial projects and exceptional clients but also aiming to cultivate a larger, even more accomplished team. Each passing year bestows greater wisdom and broader experiences. I'm thrilled to take you along on this continuing adventure, and I hope you find as much delight in it as I do.

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