A young girl was born on 17th June, 1997. 
Tanisha, as a child, always wanted to learn 
from her mistakes and live her life as a 
strong independent girl. She went to an 
international boarding school for her 
studies, as she aimedto sharpen her skills 
and started making her own road maps 
for the future 


At the age of 13, Tanisha returned to  Mumbai.

As a Business majors student, her understanding

and interest for Business grew stronger than ever. 

At the age of 16, came college. During those days,

she chose to be at her father's office everyday and

took charge of the administration of his companies.

She started training under few construction sites as

well. In a span of 3 months, Tanisha had a very clear

understanding of how thebusiness functions. In no

time, she was sure what she wanted ahead in life:

Interior designing. She took up a few of her initial  

projects on her own, which was a luxurious 5BHK

Villa in Lavasa, followed by various bungalow

projects, row houses, upscale 3-5BHK flats.

Her design consisted of world class difference

technologies, materials and workmanship, clubbing

the western culture in her designs with the client

brief. This tremendous successful stunt she had 
taken in her life made her mind clear to pursue  
InteriorDesigning as her academics and soon after, formed her company Aesthetica. The brand Tanisha Bansal Interiors was setting to flow.


2009 :   TIME TO SET OUT

At the age of 21, she completed her  Bachelors of Science In interior Designing and is a graduate. Graduating and getting out on your own is a difficult step to make.
The choices that you make when you get out of high school, believe it or not, are 
crucial and life altering.

As the years progressed, her skills and knowledge  only grew and so did the passion. Heading her own independent company and her own independent brand. She has completed around 50 projects till date, ranging from a low budget studio flat to a highend elegantly designed luxury villa.